The Borowood Story

Our Story:

In 2020 Borowood began by selling custom wood signs in a mall in Statesboro, GA. We sold our signs and other miscellaneous wood products to mostly Statesboro locals and creative crafters looking for fun and easy-to-make craft projects from wood. We noticed the demand for plain wood circles from crafters and as demand increased we began to offer more wood cut-outs in different shapes and sizes. Borowood prides itself on being one of the only wood cut-out supplier to have pre-packed wood cut-outs for fast turn around when customers place there order. When you place a Borowood order it is already packed and ready to ship. Today, we're excited to offer our products for sale to all consumers all over the USA who want access to high-quality wood cut-outs at great prices. Let's craft together!  

Our Mission:

At Borowood, what drives us is doing everything possible to help our customers succeed. We do that by creating quality ready to use products, by valuing the customers time with guaranteed fast shipping, by building a strong community and team making a positive impact on the crafting industry. 

Community Creativity:

Here at Borowood we're into being a great resource for creative crafters! We encourage you to share your craft ideas with us, whether you're a creative individual or a crafting blogger. Seeing how you transform your unfinished wood is our treat... and we'll share it with other crafters too!